“Letters to the Purple Satin Killer”

purple satin art

You can now read my penitentiary pen pal paen, “Letters to the Purple Satin Killer” (which originally appeared in Thuglit #20), over at Trigger Warning Short Fiction. Features cool art by John Skewes. My personal print pictured above.

“The Whole Infernal Machine”


Kzine Issue #18 is now available for Kindle (with a print on demand option) via Amazon. It includes my story “The Whole Infernal Machine”, which is a Vonnegut/Kafka inspired piece of speculative fiction.

I’m not the best with words, but The Therapist tells me I should document my feelings. He even gave me an analog diary he calls a Moleskine. Every night when they put me back in my box, I’m supposed to tell it all my secrets. But I know better. There are no secrets in this place.

“What do you mean by that?” he always asks. “This place.”

“This place,” I tell him. “School. Church. Therapy…”

“What about your box, as you like to call it?”

“Especially my box. The whole infernal machine”

10 Books About Fictional Films and Filmmakers


Got a new column up at LitReactor about one of my favorite subgenres: Books About Fictional Films and Filmmakers. If you like faux film mythology that’s stranger than truth, give it a checkout. From the intro:

I love books. I love film. I love books about film. The behind-the-scenes anecdotes, minutiae about production—I find it all fascinating. So it stands to reason I would love fiction about film.