Great Jones Street


You can now read three of my stories for free on the Great Jones Street app. “Twice Amputated Foot”, “Superpolynomial: The Problem With Salesmen”, and “Wisdom of the Father”, which was previously only available in print. Check ’em out.


“Mummer’s Parade”


My short story, “Mummer’s Parade”, is now available in the anthology FINAL MASQUERADE from Lycan Valley Press. It is about a murderous medieval hydrocephalic, hallucinogens, and possibly time travel. You can get it via Amazon.

Triboulet was known throughout the realm for having the King’s ear. He wore it around his neck on a silver chain…

“Feedback Loop”


NOW AVAILABLE from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing: LOST SIGNALS, a horror anthology focusing on “radio waves, numbers stations, rogue transmissions, and other unimaginable sounds you only wish were fiction.”

It features my story, “Feedback Loop”, about  an electromagnetic virus transmitted via radio waves between the past and future, as well as contributions by a host of other amazing authors. Check out the full ToC at This Is Horror.

(Art by Luke Spooner. Cover by Matthew Revert.)