“The Heart is a Monster”


My new horror story, “The Heart is a Monster”, is now live on Cracked Eye. It’s about fear of the unknown and finding the strength to leave a toxic relationship. It’s accompanied by some great art by Mike O’Brien. Check it out!

Emma paced the apartment, cell phone pressed against her ear. Megin played the digital angel on Emma’s shoulder, countering her friend’s devil’s advocacy.

“You’re better off,” Megin said. “He’s a total jerk.”

“I don’t know…” Emma dragged out the long O sound. “I might have of overreacted.”

“Overreacted? He threw a Rhododendron at you.”

“He wasn’t trying to hurt me.”

“It was potted!”

“Superpolynomial (The Problem with Salesmen)”

I have a new story up at Vol. 1 Brooklyn. “Superpolynomial (The Problem with Salesmen)” is about a traveling salesman trying to find his way home, and contains hints of math.

The Salesman stepped off the bus into the haze of the urban heat. He set his briefcase down on the concrete, its leather cracked and flaking, and produced a handkerchief to wipe his brow. Sweat subdued wisps of gray hair. He looked left then right and then left again, surveying the street signs as he tried to orient himself. He looked down at the slip of paper in his hand and frowned…