“For the Seafood Lover in You”

dead bait 4

Twenty-two tales of aquatic horror, now available from Severed Press. Edited by Cameron Pierce and featuring a killer lineup of writers. Includes my story, “For the Seafood Lover in You.” You may never eat Red Lobster again. Available in print and ebook via Amazon.

300 million years ago, family cymothoidae ruled the shallow seas of the carboniferous. Long after their oniscidean cousins took to dry land, they continued to resist evolution’s pull, resulting in their relegation to the bathypelagic depths as a relict population. Hypotheses abound concerning these and other “alien” inhabitants of the ocean floor, but there is little evidence of their origin being panspermian in nature.

In March of 1969, two entrepreneurs pooled their resources and opened a seafood restaurant in Lakelove, Florida. Two years later, a multinational corporation acquired the establishment and implemented a campaign of rapid expansion, one which would continue unabated for the better part of the next forty years. Despite multiple class-action lawsuits due to food poisoning and parasitic infection, as well as unsubstantiated rumors of fatality, the popularity of the restaurant remains at an all-time high.


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