“Satanic Panic Attack”


I’ve got a new story in Dark Moon Digest #38, out now from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. It’s called “Satanic Panic Attack”, and is written in the style of one of those old, text-based adventure games, like Zork. I had a lot of fun with this one and am proud of the way it turned out. I think DMD is the perfect home for it.

Here’s the tiniest of tastes:


Copyright © 1984, 1987 Dark Moon Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Revision 666 / Serial number 69105

SATANIC PANIC ATTACK is a text based game of strategy and black magic. Use your cunning to navigate the world and advance your powers. Only the most adept of apprentices shall achieve initiation into the dark coven. Enter “start” to begin.



You awake to the sounds of the KROZ morning crew blaring from an alarm clock radio. Evil red numbers display the time: 6:30 AM. A snooze button dominates the clock’s center. Sunlight spills through the window, highlighting the Commodore 64 on your desk. The desk has two drawers. Posters of leather clad musicians paper the walls. The scent of bacon wafts in through the door